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Why do an Annual Review?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018   /   by Shaun Radcliffe

Why do an Annual Review?

Shaun: Hi, Shaun Radcliffe with Radcliffe and Associates at Coldwell Banker, Global Luxury. And I'm here today with Glenn Hemry from the Hemry LaSalla Group at loanDepot. And what we wanted to do is talk today about your annual review and how that helped one of our shared clients purchase an investment property.

Glenn: Yeah, thanks, Shaun. So, yeah, through our annual mortgage review every year on the anniversary, we go back and we look at other opportunities that the client may have as far as financing. And this particular client, we found that they were interested in building their portfolio and investing in some investment property.

Shaun: Right! So, what we were able to do is take the equity out of their property purchase that investment property and that has now added to their real estate portfolio. What other items would somebody use a cash-out refi for?

Glenn: Yeah, we find that there's many needs. Sometimes, it can be debt consolidation. It can be college. It can be wedding. It can be, you know, really the uses are endless.

Shaun: Okay, perfect! And so, if somebody wanted to learn more about the cash-out refi programs that loadDepot has, how would they get a hold of you?

Glenn: Yeah, you can reach me at 714-371-8782

Shaun: Perfect! And of course, if you have any questions about buying or selling or purchasing an investment property in today's dynamic market, you can reach me at 714-497-0160. Thank you so much.

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