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What is a Lien?

Thursday, December 13, 2018   /   by Shaun Radcliffe

What is a Lien?

Brittney: Hi, Brittney with Radcliffe and Associates, Coldwell Banker, Global Luxury. And today, I'm here with my friend Emily, from Lawyers Title, and we're going to be going over the different types of liens that may be associated with your property. Emily…

Emily: Thank you very much. So, a lien is a legal claim against your property. There are several different types of liens. An example of a few would be like a mechanic's lien, or a child support lien. Kind of how this whole comes about is if a contractor did work on your property, and you didn't pay him for that work then he attaches a lien to your property. So, anytime you're looking to sell that property, you would have to pay that debt off in order to close the transaction. Basically, it's pretty simple steps. You pay the debt, then you fill out a lien release form and then you file it, get it notarized and then we can continue to move forward with the transaction. So, it's the same thing with a child support lien. It's just a debt that's been attached to the property that needs to be paid off before we can continue.

Brittney: Great, thank you so much, Emily. And of course, if you guys have any questions regarding real estate, or liens that may be associated with your property, please feel free to reach out. I'll put our info down below.


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