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What is Staging?

Monday, December 17, 2018   /   by Shaun Radcliffe

What is Staging?

Shaun : Hi Shaun Radcliffe with Radcliffe & Associates, Coldwell Banker, Global Luxury, and today I’m here with Debbie Chow with Stage to Amaze, who’s helped many of our clients. We had a couple of questions…What is the definition of staging?

Debbie : Well, staging is definitely what it sounds like it is, where we’re setting up a home to make it, so buyers can envision themselves living there, as they’re walking through the home.

Shaun : Okay. And what would the benefits and reasons for a seller to want to stage a property?

Debbie : I think most importantly, when we stage a home, we’re highlighting the attributes of the home, and we’re also kind of taking away from it’s imperfections. We don’t want those to be the first thing a buyer sees. We want them to see the attributes, and we want them to feel like this is a space they could live in.

Shaun : Okay. And, of course, the number one question is what does it cost to stage a home?

Debbie : Staging can be relatively inexpensive, as low as $400, all the way up to a few thousand dollars, depending on what the home needs. But for you, Shaun, what do you see as the benefit for your clients?

Shaun : Great question. So, what we find is that when we stage our properties, not only do they sell in a shorter amount of time, but they also sell for a higher list to sell price, and just exactly what you said, is that we have buyers that come in that are able to see their own personal belongings in the property. It really does take away from properties that have deferred maintenance and imperfections, so I would say that staging is priceless because it really is probably the number one thing that a seller can do in order to add value to their property. So, with that being said, Debbie, how could some people get a hold of you if they had questions regarding staging?

Debbie : Great. They could call me directly at 714-926-1381 and I would love to chat with them.

Shaun : Perfect. And, of course, if you have any questions regarding staging or any questions regarding selling a home in today’s competitive market, we’d love to speak with you. My direct line is 714-497-0160. Thank you.

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