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How to Detect Main Drain Issues

Wednesday, January 2, 2019   /   by Shaun Radcliffe

How to Detect Main Drain Issues

Shaun : Good morning! Shaun Radcliffe with Radcliffe & Associates and I’m here with Dave Turner from Done-Rite Plumbing, and Dave, we’re doing a physical home inspection and the buyer was smart enough to request your services to do a video camera down the main drain. So, can you explain what we’re doing here?

Dave : So, what we’ve done is, anytime you see a clean-out access port like the one we’ve got over here, you can know that the customer’s had an issue in the past, and that’s something to really pay attention to and keep in mind because we want to make sure, a lot of times there can be a really extensive expensive issue down the sewer line. So, we’ve got our camera all the way down underneath the street right here, and as we’re pulling back, you’re seeing some roots and grease built up. There’s a couple more roots there.

Shaun : Yeah, yeah.

Dave : So, this is what we’re really looking for, is to make sure that there aren’t any issues underlying inside the sewer line that your customers going to walk into and end up having a pretty expensive extensive repair. Now, this customer that we’re working on today has already had part of their line replaced out to the curb there.

Shaun : How can you tell?

Dave : It’s all black pipe instead of that orange pipe that we had. It’s all black pipe, which is ABS, and has been replaced then. So, as we’re going back through here, besides that one little spot of root intrusion that’s all we’re really seeing here.

Shaun : Okay!

Dave : In pretty good condition. Something like this, I would have no problems letting the buyer know that there’s no real issue. Those roots down there look pretty old and they may even be from a tree that was growing in the past and is dead now.

Shaun : Okay, perfect! So, if a buyer, or let’s say just one of our clients or somebody out there in the public is noticing some backup, or some slowing of drains, how would they get in contact with you to have this video service done on their property?

Dave : Well, they can just give our office a call 714-605-2950, speak with the girls in the office and we’d be glad to set up an appointment with them.

Shaun : Okay, perfect! Well, thanks so much, Dave. And we’ll look forward to giving the buyer the good news about the condition of the main drain.

Dave : Absolutley! Thanks, Shaun.

Shaun : Okay.

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